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About The Black Dog

A Private Kansas City BDSM Dungeon

The Black Dog is an evolving entity, an intimate, elegant dungeon, a well-groomed space. It is a velvet-draped oasis of kink, a gathering place for the like-minded, discreetly located close to downtown Kansas City.

The Black Dog is a private, "working" dungeon, play space and club. While we may host an occasional community-wide event, our focus is on offering occasional, intimate gatherings for smaller groups. We also offer exclusive dungeon rental for those wishing to play privately.

As a private and selective venue, The "Dog" encourages the practice of higher protocols than commonly encountered in the Kansas City area. It is a labor of love and a project fueled by the passionate spirit of a small group of close friends dedicated to making a dream come true. The Black Dog is first and foremost a group of people who share an energy and a belief in doing things a little differently. Wherever the venue may go, the spirit of the group will lead the way.

The Black Dog is also home to several small businesses including new offices for HealingKC, The Black Boot Concern — a long-standing, successful web-development firm and a "working" dungeon for a busy Pro-Domme.

Rules of the House

Before attending an event at The Black Dog, you should review the following:

Upcoming Events

No events planned as yet. Please click here to receive updates by email.

Getting Vetted

Haven't attended an event at The Black Dog? Then you need to be vetted first.

Rent The Dog

The Black Dog is available for rental by select groups, for private play and for photography.

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