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About The Black Dog

Dress Code (Updated 5/3/2017)

We have worked hard to make The Black Dog an intimate and formal experience. To maintain this atmosphere, the following dress code will be strictly enforced. There are NO exceptions.

1. Jeans are acceptable only if worn in conjunction with "leathers", no shorts will be permitted.– Pants, trousers, kilts, slacks, skirts or dresses are encouraged.

2. No ball caps or athletic team-wear regardless of your level of enthusiasm for said team.

3. Men (or those identifying as men) are encouraged to wear collared shirts. We will allow quality, unadorned, solid color T-shirts for those phobic of collars.

4. No athletic footwear, unless you jogged to the event.

5. No nudity unless you are actively engaged in a scene, in aftercare or otherwise specified. Special requests for such will be considered.

6. No pajamas, sweats, or similar lounge-wear. Anyone displaying “plumber’s-butt” will be humiliated beyond reason.

7. Costumes are permitted on a case-by-case basis as judged solely by The Mistress of the House’s pleasure.

8. Fetish wear is strongly encouraged. If not here, where?

9. Out of respect for our neighbors, cover up or dress conservatively outside of The Black Dog. Use discretion upon entering or exiting at street level. Instruments of torture should be appropriately concealed.

10. Interpretation of the dress code is entirely at the discretion of the hosts and owners of The Black Dog.

Failure to follow this dress code WILL result in your immediate dismissal from the event. You may return, however no refunds will be issued to those who cannot read or comply with simple rules.

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Rent The Dog

The Black Dog is available for rental by select groups, for private play and for photography.

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