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About The Black Dog

House Rules

When you know the rules for any given situation, it increases your comfort, confidence, and competence, and by extension, the ease and comfort of people around you.

“Rules” or “etiquette” provide the form or structure within which good manners operate; a code of polite conduct based on social acceptance and efficiency.

Our Rules are standard practice for BDSM Dungeons throughout the country. The very detailed list we provide here is designed specifically to offer first-time guests enough information to make their first visit to The Black Dog stress-free and comfortable.

While we ask you to respect our Rules - we also have a sense of humor when sharing them, we encourage you to have one while reading them, too.


1. Play is allowed in the designated play spaces in the main sanctuary and in the downstairs “Quiet” Dungeon. Throwing whips or floggers in the Social Area may cause unwanted marks upon non-consenting guests and could lead to marks upon your reputation. If you think you need extra space- just ask, most people are happy to make way for entertaining acts of sadism.

2. WE HAVE A ZERO TOLERANCE POLICY REGARDING MOBILE DEVICES: use of cell phones, mobile devices and cameras are strictly forbidden during events. If you are that bored, we encourage you to find better entertainment elsewhere.

• Because people routinely disobey rule #2, you will be asked to cover your phone camera(s) with a sticker(s) upon entry. Regardless- if you need to message or make a call you must step out of the dungeon to do so. You will be asked to leave if you have to be told twice.

• If you wish to take a photo of your scene, alert a host or House Steward before you begin. We’re almost always happy to grant permission. Photos may ONLY be taken under the direct supervision of a host or steward.

• Finding photos of the inside of our dungeon spread across the internet without our permission REALLY PISSES US OFF.

PLEASE UNDERSTAND: Violating others’ privacy by taking photos inside the safe space of a dungeon without permission is a violation of consent; both The Black Dog's and those unwittingly captured in your images.

3) Treat the furnishings and space gently; much of our furniture is antique and will not stand up to weight overload, use as jungle-gyms or as trampolines. Despite the temptation, our couches do not double as mattresses either.

4) Please refrain from putting your bare-naked body on furniture not made for that purpose. Place something between your birthday-suit and the brocade. May we suggest a towel or blanket?

5) Nudity is a wonderful part of BDSM play, especially during scenes or in aftercare. However, we prefer you to have a reason for simply roaming the space nude. Just because we’re all kinky doesn’t mean we all want to see your bits, all of the time, all over the space. When in doubt- ask us.

6) The Black Dog IS a Sex-Positive dungeon; however, you must use a sheet or blanket to protect your space should you engage in fluid producing play.

  • The use of condoms is always encouraged.
  • Dispose of any unsanitary materials in the trashcans in the dungeon ONLY. For obvious reasons, we ask you to refrain from disposing of your sexy-time leftovers in our kitchen (you'd be surprised).

7) Please clean your play area immediately after use: sanitizing supplies are provided throughout the dungeon. If you cannot find any, please ask.

8) Bloodplay IS allowed, but we ask that you let us know your intentions beforehand.

  • We do require that you practice Universal Precautions to the extent of your ability and that you provide all the supplies necessary to protect the space from contamination.
  • You are responsible for the proper disposal of all biohazardous materials.
  • A "Sharps" disposal container is located in the Main Dungeon for your use.

9) We do not permit play involving urine, vomit or feces. It's not our thing.

10) Safe words should be used during play; the house safe word is “RED”.

11) If a host or designated dungeon monitor interrupts a scene, play must stop until any questions or concerns are addressed. Equally, the dungeon monitor has the right to end the scene at any time. This is for everyone’s safety.

12) Respect the play areas and the right of other guests to use them.

  • Do not approach or disrupt a scene already in progress.
  • Please don't touch other peoples' stuff. Some people get hinky when you finger their toys; human or otherwise.
  • Loud talking or disruptive laughter is not acceptable in the downstairs “Quiet” Dungeon.
  • When socializing and play must overlap, we ask that you be sensitive to the tenor of the ongoing scene in the room.

13) A scene in progress may be interrupted or halted if you hog a play station in high demand. This includes riggers using the hard point. If there are more riggers than there is time, please consider sharing the gallows simultaneously – we have 4 hardpoints available throughout the dungeon.

14) The electric winch in the gallows or "pergola" is provided for all to use. Max capacity for the winch is 1300lbs static. The cable is not meant to be twisted past 45 degrees; a 30KN swivel rotor attachment is available if you prefer to spin an adult rhinoceros or a human partner of average size.

  • We’re happy to show you how to operate the winch and modify the lighting in the gallows at any time- please ask.

15) If you have never used a piece of equipment or are unfamiliar with how something works, your hosts will be happy to demonstrate.

16) Hosts are not responsible for providing after-care. Make your own arrangements.

17) If you need something that is not visibly available, ask a host. We probably have it.

18) No illegal drugs are allowed inside The Black Dog. If you insist on violating this rule, have the common courtesy to share with the hosts before they make you leave. We reserve the right to confiscate any and all contraband should we choose.

19) Anyone displaying signs of impairment via intoxicating substances or sheer idiocy will not be allowed to participate in a scene. Disruptive guests will be rolled out the front door and left in the yard for their relatives to collect.

PLAYING SOBER IS A KEY ASPECT TO CONSENT. We enforce that rule to the maximum of our ability.

The Mistress takes consent and protection from abuse very seriously.

20) If you have a concern or feel you or someone else may have been subject to predation or consent violations, please come to us so we may address the situation immediately.

21) No smoking is allowed inside the building – we have a heated outdoor smoking deck upstairs for those wishing to light-up. Inoffensive vapes are welcome indoors.

22) The Black Dog doubles as a private dungeon as well as an event space. Please do not use or touch the Mistress's toys or personal effects unless She has granted you express permission to do so.

23) The Black Dog is also a residence and private office space- food and refreshments found in the refrigerator and pantry belong to the residents and are not for your consumption.

  • We love to feed our guests– these shared offerings are always easily identifiable. If you are unsure, do ask.

24) The Black Dog expects adults to take care of themselves as they would in any other social setting. We are not responsible for your personal safety. You waive all liability and agree to hold the hosts and owners of The Black Dog harmless whether you are involved in a scene or not (see release for more details).

The Mistress of the House reserves the right to bar and/or turn-away anyone at any time, for any reason. The Black Dog is a benevolent autocracy and you are a guest at The Mistress' whim.

Revised — 3/7/2019

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