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About The Black Dog

House Rules

In order to maintain a certain level of decorum and to protect our investment in the space, anyone attending an event at The Black Dog will abide by the following rules.

1. Treat the belongings, furnishings and space with the respect you afford your Grandmother’s formal living room.

2. Do not use or touch the Mistress's toys or personal effects, unless She has specifically and personally granted you permission.

3. Play is only allowed in the main dungeon room and the medical room. The Parlor may be used for aftercare.

4. Absolutely NO Smoking allowed inside the building.

5. Nudity is only allowed during a scene or during aftercare unless otherwise specified.

6. No naked bodies are allowed on the furniture. Provide your bottom with a blanket for aftercare.

7. Practice good hygiene. Clean play areas immediately after using them, using the sanitizing supplies provided. If you cannot find any, ask. If you are unsure, ask.

8. The dungeon is a sex-positive space, however you must use a sheet or a blanket in your play area. The use of condoms is encouraged. Dispose of any unsanitary materials in the trashcans in the dungeon only. Wash your hands immediately after any play or sexual contact.

9. No play involving urine, vomit or feces is permitted.

10. Blood play may only occur in the medical room, and you must provide your own drop cloths and other sanitary supplies once you receive explicit approval from an event host.

11. Avoid acting like a douche; do not touch anyone in any manner without their permission.

12. If you break something or notice an issue with a piece of equipment, furniture, plumbing, lighting, etc., report it immediately to one of the event hosts. Accidents happen. If you spill something, clean it up and report it to a host.

13. No sleeping in the Dungeon, Parlor or Lounge. If we bore you to such an extent, go home.

14. Safewords must be used during all play, unless an exception is specifically granted by a host. The house safeword is “RED”.

15. If a host or designated dungeon monitor interrupts a scene, play will stop until any questions or concerns are addressed.

16. The decision to end a scene may be made by a host or dungeon monitor at any time. That’s how this works.

17. Respect the play areas and the right of other guests to use them. Do not approach or disrupt a scene in progress. Loud talking or laughter are not acceptable in the dungeon. Take your conversation to the Observation Room or Parlor.

18. Keep your play time to no more than 30 minutes if others are waiting. A scene in progress may be interrupted or halted if you hog or bogart a play station. This includes riggers using the hard point. If there are more riggers than there is time please consider sharing the gallows simultaneously.

19. If you have never used a piece of equipment or are unfamiliar with how something works, ask a host for a tutorial before using it.

20. Hosts are not responsible for providing after-care. Make your own arrangements.

21. If you need anything that is not visibly available, ask a host.

22. No food or drink is allowed in the dungeon. Water in a closed container is the only exception.

23. Alcohol is allowed only in the Parlor, Lounge or Observation Room. Drunkards will be rolled out the front door and left in the street.

24. No illegal drugs are allowed inside The Black Dog. If you insist on violating this rule have the common courtesy to share with the hosts before they kick you out.

25. Unless clearly specified, food and refreshments found in the kitchen are not for your consumption. If you are unsure, ask.

26. Use of cell phones, mobile devices and cameras is strictly forbidden at The Black Dog during events. Phones may be carried on your person, but you must either step outside or into our lobby to make a call or send a text. If you wish to take a photo of your scene, you must receive prior authorization from a host or House Steward before your scene begins. Photos may only be taken under the direct supervision of a host or steward.

27. The Black Dog is not responsible in any way for your personal safety. You waive all liability and agree to hold the hosts, House Stewards and owners of The Black Dog harmless whether you are involved in a scene or not (see release for more details).

28. If you believe someone has violated a rule, please inform a host so we may enforce them to maintain the decorum and dignity of the space for the benefit of everyone else.

The Mistress of the House reserves the right to bar and/or turn-away anyone at anytime for any reason. This is an autocracy and you are merely a guest at her whim.


Revised — 5/11/2017

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