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About The Black Dog


The Black Dog encourages and expects its guests to adhere to basic power-exchange protocols. When in doubt, use good manners and abide by the minimal protocol outlined below.

1. The roles of dominants and submissives should be plainly obvious to any educated attendee. Whether that is by the submissive wearing a collar or through the behavior and postures exhibited by both.

2. When in doubt, stick to "The Golden Rule - it is never wrong.

3. Dominants are fully responsible for the behavior of their submissives or slaves at all times. Subordinates running amok will be returned to their owners, who will be expected to correct inappropriate misbehavior. Failure to do so will result in The Mistress doing it for you.

4. Titles of respect should be used at all times. If you are unsure of a title, you are encouraged to ask the guest directly.

5. Submissives, slaves, and anyone unpartnered should be treated with dignity and respect. Ask a dominant for permission before speaking to or touching his or her submissive. Do not mistake someone else’s submissive as yours. They are not. We do not propose to understand how to address a self-identified switch. Discretion is advised.

6. Any and all Dominants should be treated with deference regardless of your own D/s identity. Those demonstrating they do not merit such deference will be demoted by The Mistress Herself.

7. During events, all furniture is for the use of dominants. Submissives and slaves are encouraged to enjoy the comfort of our carpet. Switches, again, are a mystery not to be pondered.

8. The Mistress of the House applies a “no-tolerance” policy to all displays of drama and immaturity. If you can't act your age, attempt to fake it for the duration.

9. Submissives of the House will display deference to dominant guests, however that deference is suspended in regards to enforcing the rules, protocols and dress code.

10. You are a guest of the Mistress. Disrespecting her station, belongings, house rules or her submissive agents will result in consequences not suitable for print.

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The Black Dog is available for rental by select groups, for private play and for photography.

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