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New and defused for 2019.

1. The only formal "protocol" we require our guests to follow is the use of decent manners. When in doubt follow "The Golden Rule.” It is always correct.

2. All guests are welcome to sit on the furniture. Submissive partners are not required to enjoy the comfort of our clean carpets, but it's fun when they do. No one can predict where switches will sit - we do not recommend trying.

3. Masters & Dominants are fully responsible for the behavior of their submissives or slaves ("s-types") at all times. Subordinates running amok will be returned to their owners, who we expect to correct the inappropriate behavior. Failure to do so will result in The Mistress doing it for you.

4. Submissives, slaves, and single guests should be treated with dignity and respect. Do not mistake someone else’s submissive as your submissive. They are not.

5. If you know the title by which someone prefers to be addressed, we encourage you to call them by that title. While this is not a requirement we trust you’ll understand when others fail to call you by your own preferred nomenclature or worse, fail to call you at all, should you choose to opt out. Again, we do not propose to understand how to address a self-identified switch. Discretion is advised.

6. In some circles, it is considered polite to ask the Dominant partner for permission before touching the submissive one. This isn't a rule but you hug owned s-types at your own risk.

6. On the rare occasions when seating is full, it is considered respectful for s-types to offer their seat to a Dominant guest, if practical. Please try not to freak out if this occurs- it is temporary and usually painless.

7. The Mistress of the House has no patience for dramatic displays OR public tantrums. If you can't act your age, please attempt to hold it together for the duration of your visit. Should this prove impossible there are three readily accessible exits available for your convenience.

8. Submissives of the House and our "House Stewards", Hagen and Anders, reserve the right to suspend deference to Dominant guests when enforcing the rules, protocols and dress code – please allow them to do so gracefully.

9. You are a guest of the Mistress Elliot. Disrespecting her station, belongings, house rules or her submissive agents will result in consequences not suitable for print. They may, however, prove entertaining for others to observe.

10. Rule #1 supersedes all others.

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The Black Dog is available for rental by select groups, for private play and for photography.

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