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Get Vetted for The Black Dog

Complete the Form Below to Be Vetted for Events at The Black Dog

DO NOT submit your application the same day as an event and expect to be admitted. You will receive an email verifying that you have been vetted. Please allow us a few days to process your request.

NOTE: The Black Dog is not for first timers. If you have never been to an event and/or have no references, then please don't submit a vetting request. We CANNOT approve you. Go to some socials, make friends and start to establish yourself in the community. Then come back, submit your request and we will look forward to getting to know you!

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Upcoming Events

No events planned as yet. Please click here to receive updates by email.

Getting Vetted

Haven't attended an event at The Black Dog? Then you need to be vetted first.

Rent The Dog

The Black Dog is available for rental by select groups, for private play and for photography.

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